Greenway Trail

The greenway trail system is an ongoing effort to provide public access to points of interest within the nature and meadow restoration areas at Heritage Center. The trails offer both flora and fauna interests in areas being maintained as natural areas or restored to native vegetation. The combination of water and grassland habitat has encouraged an increase in wildlife activities by restoring habitat for species under pressure due to habitat loss. The Oak Ridge Natural Resource Management Group, an orginaztion responsible for the management of natural resources across the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Reservation, had documented over 150 species of birds in and around the Heritage Center greenway system. In September 2016, the first sighting of a Wood Stork was documented.

Trail information is located at various points along the trails. It can also be downloaded using the link below.

Powerhouse Trail Map

In early 2017, a section of the Powerhouse Trail was cleared so that the trail now makes a 1 mile (+/-) continuous loop. The trail offers views of the pond, as well as the area’s indigenous plant and wildlife.

We hope you enjoy these photos of the flora and fauna taken along the greenway trails. Special thanks to Doug Colclasure for allowing us to use his photos.