Private Property Owners & Tenants

We are proud of the quality and variety of the Corporate Residents who call ETTP home. From young start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, Heritage Center’s resources and assets are being fully utilized to optimize their success and profitability. The location of each company is indicated on the drawing below. Please feel free to learn more about our Corporate Residents and the exciting opportunities they are pursing by clicking on the links indicated below.

Private Property Owners

  • Apollo Mechanical
  • Coqui RadioPharmaceuticals
  • Energy Solutions
    • Heritage Railroad Corporation
  • Environmental Dimensions, inc. (EDi)
  • Fulcra Enterprises
  • Heritage Center, LLC
  • Kairos Power
    • Tenants

    • Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC (CNS)
    • Walden’s Ridge Railroad Company
  • Manhattan Project, LLC
  • Marscot Industries
  • Southern Appalachia Railway Museum (SARM)
  • Sun River
  • Tartan Investments, LLC
  • Trinity Contracting Services Company
  • Unitech Services Group
  • Heritage Center Tenants

  • Crown Castle
  • Oak Ridge Forest Products
  • Powerhouse 6
  • Rocky Top Roll Offs
  • Sauter Timber
  • Trinity Contracting Services Company
  • UCOR
  • Vis Solis